Top 4 resources for remote literacy learning

Teachers and schools across the key stages are looking for remote learning resources to support their literacy teaching as current challenges continue. Despite the difficulties, we still need activities to help children develop literacy skills whi...
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Darker Themes and Young Readers

Superheroes continue to remain a popular feature in a child’s education. However, there are some dark themes that flow beneath the glossy surface of Alyssa Hollingsworth's latest book 'The Invisible Boy'. It deals with modern day slavery. Hollingsw...
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5 Steps to Build a Reading Culture

Literacy acts as a gateway to all learning. If you struggle to read, then it becomes much harder to access other subject areas. Not only this, but it has a huge impact on the likelihood of success in later life. Creating a ‘choosing’ culture arou...
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Black Victorians in Primary History

Education in schools should be holistic in its truest form. Yet, all too often, the curriculum does not demonstrate enough breadth or depth, or enough focus on equality and diversity. For example, if we consider the aspects of British History it real...
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Why schools have a part to play in saving the planet

Sustainability education can be fun and engaging and more importantly, empowering for children. Encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions enables them to develop their knowledge, skills, values and motives for change and how this impa...
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Writing in the Classroom, Books and Superhero Fiction

What young child doesn’t dream of having a superpower and being a hero? The power to be invisible; to fly; to have the strength of many, or to bring peace to the world. Much children’s fiction centres around characters having powers like these, b...
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Yoga and Mindfulness in Primary Education

Education is far more than just building knowledge and skills; it is about building character and attitude, but it is also about understanding health and wellbeing. LitFilmFest talks to author Theresa Power about her desire to bring yoga into childre...
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Post-lockdown Writing

LitFilmFest Elite Educator Joy Groom shares her journey at the start of a new year with children struggling to return to writing.
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“"...the children planned, directed and then edited – far from perfect but totally their own work. It is also even more impressive that one of the children has complex special needs and never usually participates in group learning activities and is usually very reluctant to verbally interact with his peers; however, he thoroughly enjoyed the filming experience and even hugged the Headteacher to thank her for being part of it too; the child NEVER interacts with the headteacher, which made it all the more magical!"”

Year 4 Teacher

The research behind LitFilmFest

In a four month research study supported by the UCL Institute of Education, we worked with 200 KS2 students across three schools to measure the efficacy of our approach.

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