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Get ready to begin a 7 week series of cross-curricular writing lessons based on the digital book, ‘El Dorado’! This is a project for your learners to really get their teeth into, culminating in a swash-buckling pirate, treasure-hunting adventure, that can be simply written and videoed at home.

Children have been enthused to write and film using this project in classrooms for years, so what better way to keep your pupils engaged with the writing process than with us at LitFilmFest Classrooms.

Get the planning overview:

7 week plan with links

Download the digital text:

El Dorado Book

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El Dorado Project Week 1 playlist!


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El Dorado Project Week 2 playlist

El Dorado Project Week 3 playlist

El Dorado Project Week 4 playlist

El Dorado Project Week 5 playlist

El Dorado Project Week 6 playlist

El Dorado Project Week 7 playlist

“I’ve used El Dorado twice now, and both times, the pupils and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The resources save so much teacher time: lessons are planned and easy to understand and IWB and printable resources are ready to use or adapt. ”

Rachel Preece-Dawson,
Sherriffhales Primary School

The research behind LitFilmFest

In a four month research study supported by the UCL Institute of Education, we worked with 200 KS2 students across three schools to measure the efficacy of our approach.

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