Hi-impact consultancy named UK British Hero by British Chamber of Commerce | Crosspost

We’re extremely pleased for our partner, hi-impact consultancy, for their recognition as a UK Business Hero by The British Chamber of Commerce. This was awarded for their work in education and media throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full post below.


The British Chamber of Commerce have recently launched a campaign to recognise the incredible work that UK businesses are doing in the most challenging of years and hi-impact were proud to receive a letter from HRH The Countess of Wessex thanking them for their continued efforts.


The COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020 saw hi-impact rapidly changing it’s delivery methods to support its education and corporate client, plus their own 40 employees.


Many businesses closed for a period of time, but schools remained open to support keyworker children, meaning that hi-impact staff were still needed to continue providing reliable technical support and to help teachers navigate the new distanced teaching world.


Despite mothballing the business premises, the hi-impact technical team continued to support schools to remain open, using remote services to ensure that all systems worked, equipment was reliable and teachers were still able to access everything they needed whilst in school.


The team of curriculum consultants, who traditionally work with schools to deliver outstanding computing and science workshops, turned their focus to teacher training and within one week of school closure had compiled a comprehensive offering of webinars to deliver to teachers at no cost.


These webinars provided key training to teaching staff, supporting them to make all of their lessons and resources available for the purpose of home-schooling. Approximately 1,200 teachers from around the world attended these webinars and received training from our award-winning consultants. Subsequently, the team have further adapted their services for the reopening of schools; including virtual sessions, technical audits and continued online learning provisions.


Hi-impact’s in-house media team, who work with both business and education clients, were quickly in demand to support clients to find a digital method of communicating with their customers.


Numerous businesses contacted hi-impact for videos, infographics and virtual tours – a notable client being Nuffield Health for whom hi-impact generated a virtual tour, showcasing their gyms with social distancing measures in place. This virtual tour was shared with all of their UK clients as part of their re-opening strategy, and is now a central feature on their website.


The team also reached out to Chester Zoo, in response to their very public support request, creating a virtual tour of their facilities, enabling them to continue engaging with schools and their young audience during closure.


Alan Thompson, Managing Director of hi-impact, commented ‘I’m extremely proud of the whole company and how all of our departments have pulled together during this unprecedented time. We made the decision not to furlough any staff as we knew we could make a difference during the pandemic to support the schools and businesses with whom we work. This recognition is such an honour and serves as a perfect testament to the entire hi-impact team and their hard work, passion and dedication.’