Think Before You Start - Discuss

What do you think ‘year-round education’ could mean?

Does your school’s system of term time and holidays work for you? Why?


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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. What did you first think year-round education meant?
  2. What might be the benefits of year-round schooling?
  3. What would be the drawbacks of being in school all year round?
  4. Would you like your school to be open all year round or not, and why?

Key Words -
Can you use them in a sentence?

Calendar: a system for organising the days and weeks, such as the distribution of school days and holidays over the year.

Holiday: a period of leisure or rest away from school or work.

Be The Teacher -
Fix this broken sentence!

teachers in year-round schools say they enjoy having more, regular breaks and that. It helps them and there students to do there best in the class room

Stretch Yourself...

Write a short story about a pupil who attends school all year round. What is their experience like?

Go Create...

Create a calendar showing how a year-round educational system could work. When would you want to have a holiday and what would you learn in which term? Be as creative as you want!

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“The peer assessment and sentence level work that is built into the project is something that not only cuts down on my marking but develops a culture of improvement that really works. Ideas and best practice are shared amongst the class in a scaffolded way that allows all abilities to thrive. ”

Richard Piggford,
STEP Turnham Academy

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