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What do you think causes different types of pollution?

What are the effects of pollution?

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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. Describe some forms of pollution.
  2. Why is pollution dangerous?
  3. What can you do to help reduce pollution?
  4. What might happen if we do not get pollution under control?

Key Words -
Can you use them in a sentence?

Pollution: when harmful or poisonous substances are present or introduced into the environment.

Reduce: to make something smaller or less in amount.

Be The Teacher -
Fix this broken sentence!

Polution is a bad thing. when somthing is polluted, it can become dirty and unsafe for us to use and can pose a helth risk.

Stretch Yourself...

Write a poem or song lyrics about pollution.

Go Create...

Draw a storyboard for a stopmotion animation showing the impact of pollution.

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Wall of Fame!

Zack, age 9

What causes plastic pollution?

Pollution is where dirt comes into something clean. There are lots of different types of pollution. One nuclear drop can cause lots of the sea to be polluted, killing lots of fish. Our air, water, food and sea are being polluted.

Pollution could kill every living thing and could make it ill even if it doesn’t die. It is causing global warming which is melting the Ice cap’s and making the sea level rise every where. If it carries on, in the future, it could be hard to live on earth. Already lots of whole species of animals have died from pollution.

We can stop using pollution creating electric. We can build wind farms and could use more solar panels instead and this would help.
We could stop using plastic and use more glass and metal instead because they are easier to recycle.

If we don’t live a new way we all might die, even all plants and animals. We need to change our life styles because if we don’t do anything about it all our loved ones will die.

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