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Why do we have pets?

Why do people choose different types of pets?

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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. Should all homes have a pet, and why?
  2. What pet would you love to have, and why?
  3. What responsibilities come with owning a pet?
  4. How can owning a pet be a good thing for children and their families?

Key Words -
Can you use them in a sentence?

Pet: a domestic animal people keep in their homes as a companion or for pleasure. Responsibility: a job or task you are expected to do.

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Living with a pet have been proven to increase a childs understanding of other peeple, because pets teach us love compasson and care.

Stretch Yourself...

Research more on this issue – is it fair to animals to keep them indoors? Make a list of other questions would you ask about it.

Go Create...

Sketch a pet and label how owners should care for them.

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Tilly, age 11

Should all homes have a pet and why?

Although you may think that all families should have pets personally, I believe that it should be up to the household members to decide. Owning two pet rabbits to myself, I know that it can be hard to look after them, as well as any pet, so it might not be suitable for everyone’s different lifestyles.

What pet would you like to have and why?

If I could have any pet (apart from rabbits!) I would love to have a cat. This is because they are beautiful, loving creatures and will spend lots of time with you, from playing for hours on end to the curled-up nap time on your lap. Although these pets require quite a lot of maintenance and could cost a lot of money, I think it will be worth it!

What responsibilities come with owning a pet?

When owning a pet many responsibilities are involved, such as feeding, cleaning, vet check-ups, where they will sleep or live and many more endless responsibilities. With these also come a cost and may add up to more than you think, so be warned! Although all this may seem startling, having a pet has been one of the best things I’ve ever done!

How can owning a pet be a good thing for families?

All pets can be good for anyone’s well-being, they can teach you many things about caring and kindness towards animals, they can relax you when you need it and they can even get you out exercising with all the family!

You may have a cuddly cat or a frantic dog, but pets vary in every household from the smallest rodent to the largest Great Dane. If you don’t have a pet or are thinking about getting one this report is for you with lots of tips and tricks to keep your furry friends happy.

Should all homes have pets?

Even though many households have pets some it doesn’t appeal to. Why you ask? Well a lot of people can’t have them for medical reasons (e.g. allergies) or simply because they are scared of them. Other reasons are that they can’t afford it or they don’t have space. In conclusion not all household should have pets.

Which pet would I like to have?

The pet I would like to have would have to be the African Dessert Snail. The reason for this is that there low maintenance (only having to clean there shell one a week with a wet cotton bud) , they’re low cost (not having to buy any cages- you can use a plastic bin with D.I.Y plant pot houses) and they’re always up to play.

Responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a pet. All pets (big and small!) need exercise on a daily basis of course this will take space inside or out your home. The cost of a pet added up is quite large! Please consider the price of food, bedding, and basic needs including pricey vet bills and chipping.

How can owning a pet be good for children and their families?

Having a pet as a young child teaches responsibility and care. When upset it can be calming and helpful to stroke a pet. Pets bring a lot of joy to the family and can be a friend to them too. If u have a pet such as a dog, you will be getting a lot of exercise alongside your furry friend, especially with certain breeds-Grey Hounds and Springer Spaniels.


In conclusion, pets are great friends to humans and will be for many years to come with their peppy spirit and crazy antics you would be crazy not to want one!

 Not all homes should have a pet because they require a lot of responsibility. Some people don’t have enough time to look after a pet because of their job commitments making it hard for them to be a good pet owner. 

     I have always wanted a tortoise! Fortunately, last year I received one for my Birthday. It is a Hermann’s tortoise named Sheldon. Tortoises are great pets because they are very easy to take care of as all you need to do every day is give them food, water and bath them. 

     Owning a pet can be a good thing for children and their families because animals, like dogs, help you to get daily exercise to keep fit. Even through times that we are going through now pets can be a great way for children to socialise when they can’t see their friends. 

     Having a tortoise, the responsibilities that come with it are sometimes difficult to manage, such as getting up to feed them and making sure their water is clean. However, these are NOT the hardest things you have to do owning a tortoise. If you go on holiday you would need to find someone to look after your tortoise while you are away. 

Pets are nice to have around and have benefits like teaching people to be responsible. A pet like a dog can help with exercise. They can also help people with disabilities such as autism and blindness. They can be trained as guide dogs and therapy dogs. Pets can also provide comfort for the elderly.

I would absolutely love to have a dog because they would keep me entertained and dogs have always been a passion of mine. A dog would keep me company and I would always be with my buddy.

Owning a pet can be great for families for reasons like getting more exercise, getting off screens and getting vitamin-D. Also it is just kind of nice to have a pet around and children like to speak to their pet when they have a bad day.

The responsibilities of owning a pet include: training, exercise, feeding, having a vet, grooming and cleaning up after it… ewww.

Should all families have pets?

NO. Not all families should have a pet as it takes time and money but those who can should as it is good for their wellbeing. Adults can have company to when the children are at school.

What kind of pet would you like?

I would like a cat because it doesn’t take so much time
and it is fun to play with. Also, I would love to make
toys for it!

Is having a pet good for families?

Yes. As it teaches children how to look after things and may be useful in the future. Adults also can learn how to look after a pet.

What are the responsibilities of looking after a pet?

Well, you need to feed it, take it for a walk, wash it and play with it. Also, you can make toys for it.

Today we are going to see the benefits of having a pet and the downside of having one. 

Should every household have a pet?

Answer should be no, because not everyone likes pets. They would rather live their life with a nice happy family. Here’s the benefits. People use a pet as their emotional support animal, or they are blind and need a guide dog, or they are alone and need some company. And the downside… people may be allergic and not know they are, You have to pay for the food and pet bowls and beds and more. You have to clean up after them.


What pet would you like and why?

I would like a Dog . Because they’re just really cute, and they’re just really AMAZING!! I do already have a dog and a rabbit! My dog needs a friend!!! 

Yes, a pet can be good for children and their families as I said children are emotional and at a certain age they don’t want to tell their parents, so they can talk to their pet even if it’s a fish it still would help. 

The Responsibility of owning a pet.

It depends on the pet. Let’s say a dog. You have to buy food, pet bowls, pet bed and their lead and collar. You have to clean up after them. Take them on walks.

  1. All people shouldn’t have a pet because some people can be allergic. If you’re getting a pet make sure to feed, clean, groom and care. It can take time as well. An example of something that would take time is finding a bed, food and scratch pad.
  2. I would have another cat so my other cat can have a friend and play together and have fun with their toys. Also I could learn more about cats and what they do.
  3. Of course since it teaches children how to care and to love and that is good in life. If you are horrible to your pet or pets they will get taken away by the RSPCA and personally you don’t want that to happen.
  4. The responsibilities of owning a pet are cleaning, clear up the mess and care for them just as they do for us. These are the things that are easy to do clean, toys and also play.

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