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How would you define homeschooling?

Does homeschooling suit everyone?

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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. How would homeschooling be different from going to school?
  2. Would you prefer school or homeschooling, and why?
  3. What would be the best part of homeschooling?
  4. How would you change your school life to make it better?

Key Words -
Can you use them in a sentence?

Homeschool: educating a child at home rather than sending them to school.

Family: a group of people related by blood or marriage, for example including parents and children.

Be The Teacher -
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Whats the best part about going to school. maybe you have a favorite teacher, or a close group of freind’s that you like to see.

Stretch Yourself...

Write a diary entry the first day of homeschooling from the point of view of a parent teaching their child.

Go Create...

Create a reward system chart to motivate working from home.

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Romana Patel, age 10

How would homeschooling be different then going to school ?

First of all, I would not be able to make friends and would not be taught properly. Also, when I would go to work and stuff it would be hard to fit in and make friends. There are not many opportunities at home then in school, as it would look good when you would interwiev for a job.

Would you prefer homeschooling and why ?

I would rather go to school rather then homeschooling, as I would not have many friends and I would not be confident in the “real world” after I would finish my school years. Although, I would get more time with my family and have more time to play ,I would rather go to school.

What would be the best part of homeschooling ?

First of all , more time to play, spending time with family and friends and in school we dont get many holidays so if you do homeschooling  you dont need to worry about school as you can take your work with you. Also you would not be pressured to do school work.

How would you change your school life to make it better ?

Maybe we should not wear  uniforms as they are expensive but also uncomfortable , we can have a dress code but no uniform. Also, to change around the subject timings like maths in the afternoon and PE in the morning to get us active.

  1.  Homeschooling is different because you are in a house and in home school you have no friends and that’s not good if you don’t have friends who are gonna be there for your hardships and when you are wanting comfort when your parents are not there and no sleep overs.
  2. I would prefer real school like i said no friends.also you’re never gonna be prepared for the adult world if you do not go to school.because of special lessons and stuff but this is kid-friendly right.Anyway plus you are gonna get lonely in home school just sayin’.
  3. The best part is getting to take breaks whenever you want it’s amazing. But I do get pretty lonely here. All on my own eh at least we have zoom calls.and we do everything online. Which is cool. But it hurts your eyes, it’s a digital disaster!get it!
  4. I would change the leaving time to at least 3PM even the comp kids leave earlier than us ? but sometimes we play games at the end of the day so i guess it’s not so bad.also i would change the subjects around a bit. Maths in the afternoon when we are all awake. And maybe replace where maths was with art.
The best thing about going school is learning new things. It would be different because there is not much noise around you. Not everyone does it [homeschooling] because they want to be at school and play with their friends.
I have experienced home school and my mum teaches me because of the Coronavirus. It is very hard but fun at the same time. I think that homeschooling is different from school because at home you work and have a usual home day but with work. However, school is going outside to play and having queues in the line.
I like them both the same. I like school because I love going outside and running about. But I like homeschool because I can be with my Mum and Dad. Homeschool is also fun because you can have more family time at home.
My favourite thing to do at homeschool  is watching videos for learning. I like listening to catchy songs and remembering them. Some websites are BBC Supermovers, BBC Bitesize and BBC sounds. I also like writing fictional stories. Right now I am writing a story about Ted.
I want to change my school by doing more writing stories about something. I want to do this because I love writing stories and we could write a book as a class and read it aloud.
How would homeschooling be different from going to school?
Homeschooling would be different because you wouldn’t get to see your friends. Furthermore, instead of a teacher teaching you, it would be a tutor or your parents. You would also be a different environment due to the fact that you are at home. In conclusion, I think that homeschooling would be unlike in positive and negative ways.
Would you prefer school or homeschooling and why?
That would be a hard decision but I think I’d have to go with school. Reason being, at school, you have all the right equipment and you can see all of your friends. It was a challenging decision because at home, you can choose what things you want to work on rather than doing what the rest of the class are doing. Additionally, it is easier to concentrate to the extent that the rest of the call aren’t there to distract you.
What would be the best part of homeschooling?
There are lots of good things about homeschooling but one is that it would be a bit more relaxed. There wouldn’t be as much pressure on you and sometimes that helps me work better. You could also work on what you find tricky and spend more time with your parents.
How would you change your school life to make it better?
The thing I would change about my school are recommendations from the students. If students don’t know how to do something or know a site that helped them, it is good to share because it means it could also help other students with the same problem. Also, it could improve the person with ideas’ knowledge as the teacher will be sharing information as well.


How will home-schooling be different from going to school?

Home schooling is different from going to school because we must stay at home, and we can’t see our friends every day so you can’t socialise with other people that aren’t your family. You also don’t have the same access to educational resources at home than at school and you also can’t see your teachers. This means that your parents must educate you unless you are having a video call with you teachers.

Would you prefer school or home-schooling and why?

I would rather be in school because I have many more people to socialise and play with whereas at home, I don’t have enough people to play with. I also prefer school because we have a spacious playground to run around. On the contrary, at home, we don’t have enough space in either the front or the back garden. This concludes that I like being at school more than being at home.

What would be the best part of home-schooling?

I think the best part of home-schooling is that there isn’t any timetable, so I don’t know which lesson it is.

How will you change your school life to make it better?

I would change school by making our seats in the same place as our grades which involves us to move and we don’t know what lesson it is because there is no timetable prepared for us.

Question 1: How is home schooling different to going to school?

With homeschooling you can spend more time with your family and you can finish your work more quickly. You can have more fun, once you have finished your work. You don’t need to wait to be picked up after school and the best thing is that my mum makes me a yummy lunch, but the school tacos are better than my mums. Another plus point is that we are saving money on petrol and there is less pollution.

Question 2: What would you change about your school?

I don’t have much to change about my school, but I don’t like that we have to wake up so early then we have to get showered and ready, have breakfast and then then get in the car. It is so tiring, so I would like you to change the time that we have to go to school. I would also like more basketballs and footballs to play with during breaks/

Question 3: What would you prefer homeschooling or going to school?

As much as I like being at home, I miss my friends and teachers and the company because I am all by myself and don’t have and brothers or sisters and sometimes I want different company to play with. I would prefer school more than homeschooling, but also like homeschooling too but not as much as I like school.

Question 4: What is the fun of homeschooling?

The fun of homeschooling is that you can finish your work much more quickly and you can play and have more time with your family, that is what I like about homeschooling. Another thing is that I have more time to do different things like cooking, painting together with my family, going for a run every morning with my dad, built things with Lego, and had water fights in the garden.

Home schooling would be different from going to because at home you would be alone but in school you would be playing with your friends. So I would prefer school over homeschooling because in school you explore the outside of the world. Because school is the only place you can bond, not home school.

I would prefer school because at school you would bond, learn more and do more. Whereas at home schooling you don’t get to see the real world and seeing the world is better than being stuck at home doing nothing.

The best part of home schooling is that you’re at home the whole day and can do your homework whenever you want.

I would change my school life to go on more trips otherwise I like everything the way it is.

1. How would homeschooling be different from going to school?

Homeschooling would be totally different from going to school because at these times you get time to spend time with your family. You can get one on one attention, learning and this means that children often finish their work quickly and effectively. Once the work is done in a planned and structured way, we get time to play and learn other things and are creative. Also we can meet up with the family and friends when possible. we also save time travelling to school and have more learning time.

2. Would you prefer homeschooling or school?

I prefer school than homeschooling because we have our favourite teachers and lots of friends that I can play with. At school there are a team of teachers, subject experts, and a wide range of resources available. School has nice play area, drama space, cooking room and sports facilities. Children also at school socialise and make friends and play games with each other. The time goes faster at school and we have more of a routine.

3. What would be the best part of homeschooling?

The best part of homeschooling is when you spend time with your family. You can even play with your friend’s virtually online and you can read more books and play other things in the comfort of your home. Also you don’t have to wear a uniform which is nice. It is nice to be able to be flexible and be able to venture out into nature, have bike rides and walks.

4. How would you change your school like to make it better?

To make the school better, maybe to have more outdoor learning activities this is more practical learning. It would be nice to have more equipment to use like Ipads and computers. Flexible schooling for learning, 3 days at school and 2 days at home could be an idea. The teachers are amazing and help and support us online, which really works.

What is the best part about going to school?

The best part about going to school is seeing all my friends and playing with them also enjoying the fact that I have friends instead of playing with myself and not enjoying all the fun other people are having every day.

How different would you think school would be if you did not have a school to go to?

I think it would be different because your parents teach you instead of an actual teacher and you don’t get to see your friends to play with every day of school.

How would homeschooling be different from going to school?

It would be different because you don’t need to take a car or whatever you take you don’t have to do it because it is like you’re doing you routine in your home and that people are not running everywhere in a playground.

Would you prefer school or homeschooling and why?

I would prefer school because you get to be independent a get prepared for that day when you move out and live in the real word and you don’t get to see friends and teachers at homeschooling.

How would homeschooling be different from going to school?

I think being homeschooled would be different to going to school because in homeschooling we have a different environment around us. We would have our teachers and friends in the classroom with us and we have to have particular timings to do our work in school. In homeschooling we can do whatever we want while doing our homework such as watching television , playing with a sibling and also eating on any snacks we want whereas in school we would be formally and sensibly doing our homework.

Would you prefer school or homeschooling and why?

I would prefer school because you have your friends with you ,other facilities you would not get at home and you will act more mature and not be lazy as we have breaks and not just sit down all the time yet I would also like to do homeschooling in view of staying at home , getting more attention and being comfy.

What would be the best part of homeschooling?

In my opinion I think the best part about being homeschooled is that you get more time to spend with your family, normally we only get a few hours with our family whereas now we are getting to spend the whole day with them . Another point is that we get to do our work anywhere in our house like in our room , on the bed and with your pillows and teddies.

How would you change your school life to make it better?

I would change some of the facilities in our playground – we can add swings and slides . I would also like to change that we can always wear whatever we want.

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