Think Before You Start - Discuss

Have you ever seen online gaming competitions? What happens?

What are the positives and negatives of playing video games?


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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. How do you personally define what a sport is?
  2. Are esports sports, or not, and why?
  3. What esports, if any, would you be interested in competing in, and why?
  4. What are the health risks of long-term video gaming?

Key Words -
Can you use them in a sentence?

Esports: multiplayer video games played competitively in front of spectators, usually by professional gamers.

Competition: an event or contest in which people take part to win something.

Be The Teacher -
Fix this broken sentence!

Esports are certanly as competitive as other sports. cheating does happen, and if a gamer gets court, they could be find (or even banned.

Stretch Yourself...

Write a fictional news report about an esports competition that runs into a problem when they have a power cut.

Go Create...

Create an esports profile for yourself: draw your picture or logo, label your strengths and favourite games or hobbies, and note down your motto or mantra.

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