Think Before You Start - Discuss

  1. What do you think about the idea of ‘doing good’?
  2. Has anyone you know done something you think was ‘good’?
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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. Why are good deeds important to individuals and the wider community?
  2. What good deeds have you done recently, and why did they make a difference?
  3. What good deeds could you do at school and in your local area?
  4. Would you prefer traditional homework, or a good deed for a week, and why?

Key Words -
Can you use them in a sentence?

Good deed:
an action that benefits someone, sometimes at cost to yourself.

doing good things for others without expecting anything in return.

Be The Teacher -
Fix this broken sentence!

‘I find it hard to be altruistic;  its dificult to put other people first. Its something Id like to get better at (if i can but it will take time.

Stretch Yourself...

Write a short story about a homeless person who someone does a ‘good deed’ for. Think about the effect it has on them.

Go Create...

Create an illustrated mind map of ideas for good deeds you and your friends could do – either at home or around school.

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