Hey, welcome to Autumn proper! Hitting October means we’re well and truly into the school year, so come warm your fingers around this week’s Secret Staff Meeting. We’ve got a brilliant author interview, plus our usual free resources, teacher feature, and more! Onwards!

Our next Big Conversation is out now! Peter Bunzl, author of the popular Cogheart Trilogy, talked about where he sees the future of education whilst giving us an insight into his background and experience of primary school. Oh, and he tells us a bit about his new book! Watch here, and listen here!

Free resource focus this week is one of our newest projects ‘Team Tap’. We think a lot about how to empower teachers and children in their classrooms to change the world, and this project comes out of that aim. Giving children the opportunity to engage with real issues and have their say is empowering and engaging, and provides purpose for their writing.

Continuing with the environmental focus, we’d like to celebrate two long time supporters of the LitFilmFest community; Sarah Davey and Laura Venn. Last year they took the bull by the horns and allowed their class to tackle the problem of plastic pollution. They write, ‘As educators to the future generation of our planet, we have a responsibility in schools to help pupils to understand the impact that our current practices are having on the environment.’ Sarah and Laura, thank you for your enthusiasm in doing so! You can read about their experiences here.

Our How To video this week is an Adobe Spark Video guide that makes it easy to create your Team Tap project come to life! Click here to watch!

And there we have it. Keep in touch, have a great week, and keep on wanting the best for your pupils. Inspire and excite!  Don’t forget to join our Facebook group

Love, Dom @ataleunfolds