Quick-Fire Questions

Y Cyflym-soddi Cwestiynau:
  1. Beth mae llwyddiant yn ei olygu i chi, a pham?
  2. Sut ydych chi’n mesur llwyddiant?
  3. A oes ots os nad ydych yn llwyddo bob amser, a pham?
  4. Dewiswch rywun sy’n llwyddiannus ac ysgrifennwch pam rydych chi’n meddwl eu bod nhw’n llwyddiannus.

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“Combining traditional and digital literacy was a dream. The children were so much more engaged from the get-go. Personally, I thought the project was amazing. ”

Carla Reeves,
Leasowes Primary School

The research behind LitFilmFest

In a four month research study supported by the UCL Institute of Education, we worked with 200 KS2 students across three schools to measure the efficacy of our approach.

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