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What might it be like to meet a dragon?

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Quick-Fire Questions

  1. Why can’t Bradley’s aunt look at him?
  2. Why does Bradley shiver?
  3. How could pain ‘blossom’? What is that phrase explaining?
  4. ‘His vision started to clear. The muddy grass felt warm and wet between his fingers, and the smells of lake water and dying fish filled his nose.’ What does this description tell us about what is happening to Max?
  5. Which adjectives are used to describe Max’s eyes?
  6. What does Bradley’s dad do to reassure him when he awakes?

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“It was great to see children who normally find it hard to put pencil to paper really hooking into the creative aspect of the project and finding genuine motivation to write.”

Wendi Roberts,
St George’s International Primary School

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In a four month research study supported by the UCL Institute of Education, we worked with 200 KS2 students across three schools to measure the efficacy of our approach.

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