Inspirational teaching from around the UK

With A Tale Unfolds projects well underway in classrooms up and down the country, we take a peek at some of the incredible writing and filmmaking efforts already completed by schools. In search of cinematic inspiration for your own class movie? Look no further.

Pupils are writing for an audience and writing with purpose – whether it’s to entertain, inform, persuade, challenge or innovate. As well as developing digital storytelling skills, A Tale Unfolds projects have already empowered pupils to become more socially, politically and environmentally active. At Sheriffhales School, Year 5/6 and their teacher, Rachel Preece-Dawson, used Pupil Prime Minister to write and perform their own political manifestos, focusing on the issues that really mattered to them. Check out the brilliant persuasive speech of the ‘Fresh Thinking Party’:

Over at Tubbenden Primary School, pupils have produced an environmental news report using the 3-week Plastic Times resource, after exploring the significant problem of plastic waste. Class teacher Laura Venn says: “For us, the progress was clearly evident in their writing, but the project also had an impact on other areas of their learning. What began as a filmmaking project, developed far beyond our expectations, igniting a united passion amongst the children to make a positive change for our future.”

Pupils at The Olive Tree Primary School in Bolton, are working their way through the action and adventure resources, creating a gripping film linked to their topic of the Egyptians. Their teacher, Sabiha Munshi, has been really impressed by the impact of filmmaking on her pupils’ motivation for writing: “I’m teaching English with a buzz filling the room each day – the children love it!”

Finally, up in Aberdeen, Class 5/6 at St Joseph’s Primary are putting the final touches to their Frightful Film trailer projects. Their teacher, Louise Lacaze, has been thrilled with the experience so far. “We all look forward to our trailer writing sessions – they are bringing the pupils’ writing to life and provide a real energy boost in literacy lessons, which makes me happy. We are already planning which project we will do next term!”

Discover what her pupil’s had to say about their filmmaking experience in this fantastic montage of their experience:

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