Schools example videos:


Lesson 1 – Introduction


Lesson 2 – Headlines, Straplines and Overviews


Lesson 3 – CNN Report (Detail 5:39-7:16)


Lesson 4 – Interview


Lesson 5 – CNN Report (Conclusion from 13:20)


Lesson 6: Tim Nunn


Lesson 6: How To Film a News Introduction


Lesson 7: How to Film a Voiceover


Lesson 8: Tim Nunn Lofoten


Lesson 9: How to Film Interviews


Lesson 10: Moving On (watch if you are continuing to week 3 of the project)


Lesson 10: End of Project (watch if you choose to complete the project here)


Lesson 11: Surfdome – Making A Difference


Lesson 12: Bureo Recycled Fishnet Skateboards


Lesson 13: Creating A Pitch


Lesson 15: How To Film An Elevator Pitch


“The children were gushing with ideas, not just about who would take what role, or what wig they wanted but about the actual writing and the process of getting to the best sentence possible. ”

Joy Groom,
Chiltern Primary School

The research behind LitFilmFest

In a four month research study supported by the UCL Institute of Education, we worked with 200 KS2 students across three schools to measure the efficacy of our approach.

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