Schools example videos:


Lesson 1 – Introduction


Lesson 2 – Headlines, Straplines and Overviews


Lesson 3 – CNN Report (Detail 5:39-7:16)


Lesson 4 – Interview


Lesson 5 – CNN Report (Conclusion from 13:20)


Lesson 6: Tim Nunn


Lesson 6: How To Film a News Introduction


Lesson 7: How to Film a Voiceover


Lesson 8: Tim Nunn Lofoten


Lesson 9: How to Film Interviews


Lesson 10: Moving On (watch if you are continuing to week 3 of the project)


Lesson 10: End of Project (watch if you choose to complete the project here)


Lesson 11: Surfdome – Making A Difference


Lesson 12: Bureo Recycled Fishnet Skateboards


Lesson 13: Creating A Pitch


Lesson 15: How To Film An Elevator Pitch


“The fact that it came with excellent plans and resources for each session made this a cinch to use. These units really will take hours off your planning time and produce brilliant written results from your class, with engagement throughout.”

Laura Braun,
Bury C of E

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