Celebrating Diversity Through Poetry

This showcase shows how schools across the UK have celebrated diversity, identity and culture through the LitFilmFest ‘This Is Us’ classroom literacy project. Hundreds of schools wrote poems and created videos in this free project created with poet Joseph Coelho. Find out more about the project here: https://www.litfilmfest.com/this-is-us

0:00 Introduction and opening comments
3:32 Thanks to sponsors
4:09 Northway School video
7:01 Belgrave St. Bartholomew’s Academy interview and video
13:21 St Marks interviews and video
22:31 Prendergast Primary video
25:10 Closing comments and thanks

International Schools Writing for Video

This showcase shows the various ways in which schools across the world have engaged with writing through LitFilmFest classroom literacy projects.

0:00 Introduction and opening comments
2:45 Thanks to sponsors
3:21 St Georges School, Luxembourg
16:03 Corona School, Ikoyi, Lagos
25:18 The British School of Brussels
39:50 The Riverbank School, Lagos
48:41 The British School of Bucharest
59:34 GEMS Jumeriah, Dubai
1:05:52 The International School, Olomouc, Czechia
1:10:36 GES, Switzerland
1:20:29 Closing comments and thanks

Writing about Environmental Issues

This showcase shows how schools across the UK have challenged those in power to deal with the environmental issues the children see around them, This has been done through the LitFilmFest ‘Take A Stand’ and ‘Team Tap’ classroom literacy projects. Join hundreds of school children changing the future, and find out more about the projects here.

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Thanks to sponsors
1:11 Environmental Project discussion
2:46 Gospel Oak School
10:19 Belgave School
20:21 Bede’s Prep School
24:09 Kingsland Primary Academy
31:29 UCS Prep, Hamstead
40:08 Closing comments and thanks

Tackling Mental Health through Literacy

This showcase shows how schools across the UK have explored the issues around mental health and mindfulness through the ‘Breathe’ project supported by Headspace. Find out more about the project here.

0:00 Introduction and opening comments
2:47 Rosendale Primary, London
9:30 Maes yr Haul Primary, Bridgend
20:39 Kaimhill Primary, Aberdeen
29:17 Making literacy progress
30:24 Children Primary, Northampton
39:52 Louise Atkinson, Cumwhinton Primary, Carlisle
48:57 Closing comments, thanks to our sponsors and all involved

Making Films About Reading

This showcase shows how schools across the UK have used LitFilmFest’s Reading Rocks Review project to create a reading culture within their schools. Hundreds of classrooms created reviews in this free project created with author Michael Rosen. Find out more about the project here.

0:00 Opening comments
2:48 Author Dashe Roberts on The Bigwoof Conspiracy
4:36 Rothely Primary Review
7:29 Darrick Wood Juniors
19:01 Danegrove Primary
27:31 Putnoe Primary
34:55 Comments on developing a reading culture
36:11 Vittoria Primary
38:49 Swansfield Primary
41:52 Thanks to sponsors
42:39 Final comments and thanks

Exploring Politics Through Writing

This showcase looks at how schools across the UK have engaged with politics through the LitFilmFest ‘Pupil Prime Minister’ classroom literacy project. Hundreds of schools wrote and filmed manifesto videos to make their voices heard. Find out more about the project here.

0:00 Intro and opening comments
1:13 The Grange Primary
8:40 Park Schools Federation
17:44 How to deal with topical issues
18:35 St Jospeh’s Primary
21:21 Ninfield Primary School
27:54 Heathrow Primary
32:05 Pratts Bottom Primary
41:04 Coalway Primary
43:43 Thanks to Sponsors
44:41 Closing comments and thanks

Amazing Homeschool Writers

This showcase shows how schooling in lockdown across the UK has been an incredible experience through the LitFilmFest ‘How to Write and Film an Adventure: El Dorado!’ home learning literacy project. Hundreds of children wrote, acted and filmed through 7 weeks, inspired by LitFilmFest’s daily literacy lessons on YouTube. See our free homeschooling resources here.

0:00 Intro and opening comments
3:44 Thanks to sponsors
4:08 Tom Nasser
10:40 Sam Islip
17:24 Freya & Alfie Abrosimoff
27:38 Edward Watson
37:17 Amiti Fincham-Majumdar
46:34 Kaiden Prout
52:02 Closing comments and thanks
55:20 Bonus content: Alex Gilbert

NEW! Bede’s Prep School Film Writers

This showcase shows how LitFilmFest worked with Bede’s Prep School to enhance literacy engagement through creating digital media in every year group!

0:00 Intro and opening comments
0:40 Year 4 video: Reading Rocks Review: Harry Potter
4:23 Year 6 Interview and Plastic Times video
14:21 Year 2 Interview and This Is Us video
21:54 Year 4 video Reading Rocks Review: Stig of the Dump
3:57 Year 7 Interview and Take A Stand video
33:40 Year 1 video: This Is Us
35:48 Year 5 Interview and Breathe video
46:52 Year 3 video: Reading Rocks Review: Beowulf
48:46 Closing comments and thanks

Watch here from 11:30AM 07/03/2020

“"...the children planned, directed and then edited – far from perfect but totally their own work. It is also even more impressive that one of the children has complex special needs and never usually participates in group learning activities and is usually very reluctant to verbally interact with his peers; however, he thoroughly enjoyed the filming experience and even hugged the Headteacher to thank her for being part of it too; the child NEVER interacts with the headteacher, which made it all the more magical!"”

Year 4 Teacher

The research behind LitFilmFest

In a four month research study supported by the UCL Institute of Education, we worked with 200 KS2 students across three schools to measure the efficacy of our approach.

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