Write and film a video in class, submit your entry and your pupils could receive a filming day from YouTube Kids plus the chance to see themselves on the big screen!

Teachers pick a resource complete with all our planning & supporting resources


Pupils thenĀ produce videos covering a range of writing genres & outcomes

Winning classes will receive a YouTube Kids filming day, a cinema premiere, or both!

LitFilmFest 2017 Feedback

“Film and writing has a massive crossover. It’s really important children get the opportunities to tell stories about topics like these”

Mark Reid

Head of Education, BFI

“You can see excitement in their eyes, you can see the enthusiasm and the energy that has gone into these projects coming to fruition in such an amazing venue!”

Jonathan Hawkins


“The atmosphere is electric. Not just in the cinema, but in our schools in the build up towards this. What better motivation is there to writing?”

Lucy Blewett

Head of Teaching, Primary Advantage

Radically improve literacy using filmmaking